Wednesday, April 25, 2018



I'm Jennie and I am a really bad housewife. I stopped working about two years ago, but have been married for 11 years. Since I started this housewife journey, I have been struggling to figure it out! 

I started out gung-ho, but really struggled to keep going after a few months and fell into a pretty deep depression. I have been pulling myself out of it and finally, after a long time, feel like myself. I credit the Whole30 month that I did and finding the housewife YouTube community with my renewed energy and zest for life.

I'm excited to share my life, my interests and my adventures with you. I love to travel, read, watch TV and movies, listen to podcasts, go to plays and musicals, craft and so much more, so that is what you can expect me to share on here. 

Life with me is an adventure...crazy things always happen and I approach them with a smile and a laugh. Follow me on Instagram @adventureswithjennie to see what is going on in my life in real time!

I can't wait to get to know you and see what we get up to!