Tuesday, March 3, 2020

March: In Like a Lion

A tornado hit Nashville last night and it was pretty devastating. It hit a lot of highly populated neighborhoods with a lot of Nashville landmarks.

On a personal note, we have a lot going on right now and we are both overwhelmed and edgy, so its been a bit rough. On one hand, February felt like it was a year long, but I also can't believe I already have to pay bills again. Isn't life weird?

Motivation for the Week

Weekly Spread

I love this book kit from Fabulously Planned. I supplemented it with some Planner Kate stickers and I used a Micron 03 and a Sharpie pen.

Goals for the Week

1. 1 hour of Digital Decluttering
2. 1 hour of Decluttering
3. 2 hours of Memory Keeping
4. 1 hour of cleaning the Laundry Room
5. Create a Budget
6. Work on scheduling Home Study Update Appointments
7. Create March Facebook Posts
8. Schedule Lunch with Chris
9. Start a Prayer Journal

Tending List for March

I didn't want to over commit to daily tasks this month because I have a lot of big tasks on my monthly list and on my weekly list.

Alright. Let's kick March's butt!

What do you have on your list for March?