Monday, August 19, 2019

Unmotivated Motivation

I was so low energy and unmotivated last was ridiculous. A lot of the time, I am either un-motivated OR low energy...very rarely am I both unmotivated and low energy. This week, I am still feeling it, but its mid-way through the month and we need to kick it in gear.

So, fake it till you make it...right?

Planner spread

Goals for the Week

1. Costco*
2. Order glasses*
3. Finish Facts of Life Binder
4. Get HVAC Quotes*
5. Bake a pie
6. Prep Baby Clothes*
7. Make and Order a Photo Book
8. Run a Facebook Ad*
9. Blog Daily*
10. Watch Webinar Replays*
11. Add Travel Agent Vendors*
12. Finish City of Girls*

Wow. A lot of non-negotiables this week...I better get my mojo back!

Quote of the Week

I need to paste this to my forehead this week. While last week feels like a wash, I need to remember it wasn't. I did a lot of you piddle? That means you wander around and do all these little tasks that will never make a to do list, but need to be done. I piddled several days away and the result of the things I finished is amazing!

This week, though, I need to handle a lot more big picture things.

Ok, what are you up to this week? Do you fake it until you make it?

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