Tuesday, May 5, 2020

First Week of May

Well. We made it. Its May. States are starting to open, but I personally will be staying home as much as possible. However, as I write this, I have strangers in my house installing carpet because we bought it about 9 weeks ago and can't put off the installation any longer.

And just as we were settling into May...

I have no idea who created that meme, so apologies, but seriously. Giant Murder Hornets. I thought this was a joke when I first saw it and then I listened to the news...and Giant Murder Hornets.

Ok, back to my little corner of the world.

Weekly Goals
* Plan Chris's Birthday
* Order Chris's Gift
* Schedule Fingerprinting
* Send a Note to a Friend
* Have Game Night
* Clean my ceiling fans
* Vacuum Couches
* Clean the Air Purifier
* Clean the Fridge
* Update Command Center
* Have Subfloor installed
* Have Carpet Installed

Planner Spread

I used some American Girl stickers I found in a drawer!!!!! I paired it with some Planner Kate stickers and a few Disney touches from XO Mama Plans and I love it. Its just so fun. American Girl books were a huge part of my childhood and I love that these are in my planner this week.

Quote to Live By

What I'm Reading This Week

What are you reading this week?

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