Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Countdown to Christmas: 63 Days!

So, did you get your addresses together? I did! This is a fantastic list to use throughout the year to send sympathy cards, congratulations cards, get well cards, etc. If I hear someone has moved, I will make a note on my list that someone moved with the date. Then, every year, about this time, I pull out the list, check to see what updates need to be collected and it is really easy to just collect a few addresses instead of 60.

Ok. For this week, it is time to start doing some planning. I have two tasks that we need to work on.

#1. Plan your Christmas cards. Are you going to do a photo card or a traditional card? Are you going to get a picture taken or use one that has already been taken? Are you writing a Christmas letter?

If you are going with a traditional card, you can start shopping now and you can probably score some pretty good sale prices!

If you are doing a photo card and already have the photo, start designing your card...again, you can probably score some pretty good sale prices and miss the rush.

If you are doing a photo card and need to get the photo taken...schedule that photo now. Get the outfits together now. This will help you beat the rush and make the days leading up to the photo less stressful.

For the Christmas letter, just decide if you are going to write one.

We are going to do a photo card with a picture that we will be taking over Thanksgiving, so I need to work on outfits. My husband requested Christmas sweaters, so we will see what happens there. We will also be doing a Christmas letter. It has been a big year in our world, so its a good time to update the extended family.

#2. Start working on your Christmas list. Just yours. Pick something you need (I need waterproof winter boots). Pick something you want (This is usually where I struggle). Pick other things you will use...books on your to-read list, movies or TV shows you want in your collection, sports gear, etc.

Good luck!!!

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Share below!

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