Monday, October 14, 2019

79 Days Until 2020!

Over the weekend, I drove up to Marion, IL to spend an evening one-on-one with one of my best friends. We had lunch, checked into the hotel, chatted, relaxed in a hot tub, napped, drank a lot of wine, ordered Chinese food, moisturized and connected. It was insanely relaxing and grounded me.

Heading into this week, things are going to be busy. I have a lot of things to accomplish on my 19 for 2019 list, Thanksgiving prep that needs to be done and my mother-in-law's kitchen remodel is in full swing.

This Week's Motivation

Last week, I listened to the audiobook version of Amy Poehler's "Yes, Please!" and this quote knocked me off my feet. Why do we take on other people's chaos? She was telling a story about how someone else screwed something up and instead of offering ways to fix it that would be easy for the other person, she stayed silent and let the other person think about possible fixes. This is definitely something I need to employ!

First half of the week

I'm only sharing Monday-Wednesday this week because I honestly haven't planned Thursday and Friday yet.


1. Create and Order 2 Photo Books
2. Find an Area Rug for the Living Room
3. Bake something Paleo
4. Teach Ellie a Trick
5. Thanksgiving Prep
6. Order Christmas Cards
7. Read 3 Books
8. Work on Baby Registry

It's a big list, but I want to knock as much stuff off my list before the holidays as I can!

What is your biggest goal this week?

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