Monday, October 28, 2019

Last Week was Weird!

October 19-21 I was in Indiana visiting my best friend. We went to a Tauren Wells concert, which was so inspiring. I spent the weekend just fitting into the life of my friend, I watched her paint, made dinner with her, went to church with her, watched football with her family and then we went to the concert. We had so much time to chat, laugh, cry, worship and rejoice.

I left Monday morning at like 5 AM. Tuesday, Chris left for a work trip at 3 AM. Wednesday, I got up at 4:30 to take a friend to the airport. Thursday was the first morning I felt like I was fully rested and Friday, I finally felt like myself.

While Chris was gone, I caught up on ironing, cleaned out the guest closet and the laundry room, did all kinds of social things and delved into Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas!

Ok, usually, I resist until the day before Thanksgiving...however, it is the 10th anniversary and this year just feels exciting.

Chris has been stressed at work and needs a break, so we are heading to Gatlinburg Thursday to relax in a mountain view cabin. I am looking forward to picking up some apple butter at Apple Barn and just RELAXING with Chris.

This Week's Spread

This Week's Goals
1. Read a lot
2. Crochet a lot
3. Relax a lot
4. Track down final cabinets for Carol's kitchen

Kitchen Renovation
So, this kitchen reno was supposed to be finished. Cue the eye roll. Now, we are pushing Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING. When I am going to be serving 13 people out of her kitchen. It's ok. I'm not stressed at all. Ok, that's a bit of a lie. But the paint looks less blue since we installed the floor and the cabinets!

Weekly Motivation

Burn this into my brain after Thursday...I'm seriously looking forward to wine, fires, hot tubs, popcorn and hiking.

What are you planning to do for Halloween?

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