Friday, January 24, 2020

New Year, New Goals...Happy 2020!

Let's just pretend I didn't disappear for the last three months...ok?

For the third year, I am participating in Gretchen Rubin's yearly goal project...this year known as 20 for 2020.

This year, I tried for more "one and done" type of goals, but I ended up with about half "one and done" and half continuous goals.

1. Get a King-Sized Bed
In October, we went to Gatlinburg and got a cabin with a king sized bed. It was amazing. Chris got up to use the restroom, I had no idea. Ellie had all the space she needed. I got up in the morning and Chris had no idea. It inspired us to make the change from a queen sized bed to a king sized bed.

2. Update the Office
Our office is furnished with a 14 year old cheap desk that is starting to break. I want to make a fun office space for both Chris and I to use.

3. Update the Bedroom
With the King-Sized Bed, we need new night stands, new carpet and new paint. I'm hoping to keep the dresser and chest of drawers.

4. Remodel the Kitchen -or- Replace the HVAC
We need to do both of these things and the budget on them is about the same, so I think we can do one of them, but probably not both.

5. Work toward Goal Weight
I have a goal I want to hit this year. I need to work on my diet and my exercise to get there.

6. $0 Credit Card Debt and 6 Month Emergency Fund

7. Read 67 Books
I have already read 5 books!!!

8. More Romance
I want to go have lunch with Chris more often, get him a gift he really wants, eat at the table more often, play games instead of watch TV every night...that kind of thing.

9. 1 Second a Day App
This is an app that you use to document your year in a short snippet or picture.

10. Take Trips with Mom, Tiffany, Erin and Chris
Last year, I had wonderful weekends with Tiffany, Erin and Chris and I want to add Mom to the list this year.

11. Memory Keeping Project
Last year, I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers, Laken Edwards, and she does memory keeping the same way I did pre-Scrapbooking craze of the early 2000s. I hated Scrapbooking, but I had a great scrapbook. I've been holding on to keepsakes for years and this year, they are going into scrapbooks.

12. Get a Facial
Because its fun.

13. Go to Disney on Ice
Because its fun.

14. Go to a TPAC show
Because its fun.

15. See the Nutcracker Ballet
I've always wanted to go to a ballet.

16. Train Ellie
I need to get her to be obedient in tough situations and to stop overreacting to other dogs.

17. $100,000 in Travel Agency Sales
Last year, I did about $25,000. This year, I can do more.

18. Post to YouTube 2x a Week
Consistency is key!

19. Blog 3x a Week
Consistency is Key!

20. Disney Blog Once a Week
Again...consistency is key!

And that's my 20 for 2020 goals! I am really excited for this year and the goals I have to get done!

What goals have you set for 2020?

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