Monday, January 27, 2020

2020 Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets

Last year, I used the 6-month undated Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets and I really loved them, so I was excited to get them and use them to work on my life. Some of my 20 for 2020 goals correlate with my PowerSheets goals, but some don't, so I wanted to share my PowerSheets goals to start off the year.

Goal #1: Strengthen Marriage
I am planning to read some books about marriage, listen to podcasts, and be more intentional with my time with Chris.

Goal #2: Strengthen Faith
I have struggled with my faith for years. I need to go back to Mass regularly, learn more about prayer and pray better.

Goal #3: Improve Home
I want to clean out closets, update the bedroom and office, and either remodel the kitchen or replace the HVAC.

Goal #4: Concentrate on Finances
We are starting with paying off a credit card and building an emergency fund. From there, we need to save for a second (hopefully) adoption, a new car and a new house.

Goal #5: Health
I need to lose weight, eat healthily, work on getting fit, and keep my A1C low.

Goal #6: Adopt
We need to match, finalize and start the process all over

Goal #7: Build Community
I want to get more involved, but I'm not sure what that means for me yet.

Goal #8: #20for2020
This encompasses the remainder of my 20 for 2020 goals that I discussed in my post on Friday.

And that's it! That is my list of goals for 2020.

Do you use the Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets? Do you use another goal planner?

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