Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Powersheets January Check-In

January was a great month! I did not do great at my weekly goals, but I did great on my monthly and pretty good on my daily goals.

Let's delve in to it.

Monthly Goals
1. Go to the Eye Doctor - DONE
2. Learn a Catholic Prayer - I haven't memorized the prayer, but I have been praying it.
3. Read 6 Books - DONE - I actually should finish a seventh before the 31st!
4. Roof - No progress made
5. Crawlspace - DONE
6. Plan Destin Trip - DONE
7. Schedule Trip with Tiffany - DONE
8. $1000 in savings - DONE
9. Trainer with Ellie - DONE - I am giving myself that because I decided to push the appointment to Feb. 4 because I needed more time to work on our homework...she is a stubborn dog.
10. Facebook Ad - DONE
11. Lunch with Chris - DONE

Weekly Goals
1. Go to Mass - Not even attempted
2. Eat at Table 3x a Week - We did it for 3 weeks!
3. Gluten Free 5/7 Days - I did not do great at this, but I did ok.
4. Blog 3x a Week - I did this one week!
5. YouTube 2x a Week - Not even attempted
6. Disney Blog 1x a Week - I did it for 2 weeks!

Daily Goals
1. Devotional - about 50% of the days
2. Walk 20 in 20 - about 50% of the days
3. Train Ellie - again, about 50% of the days
4. 1 Second App - DONE

I am going to work on my Powersheets this week and I will share my goals on Friday!

How did your January go?

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