Monday, February 10, 2020

Goal Getting: February 10-16

Ah, another week. I love the start of a new week when we can make a new, fresh, unspoiled to do list and then make a mess out of it.

Monday Motivation

A lot of my goals for this year include building a foundation and growing from that. Health has been an ongoing goal for years, but this year it needs to be at the forefront, because what is at the foundation of your life if not your health. And to meet this health goal, I need to move from where I am. What is more important to me...remaining healthy or the cookie from Chicken Salad Chick?

This Week's Spread

This week, I used another kit from Fabulously Planned to honor Valentine's Day. I am finally settling into my hourly planner. I struggle with not having uniformity across each day, but then, each day is not uniform.

Goals for the Week
1. Go to Mass
2. Call the Insurance about the Roof (TOP)
3. Read at least one book
4. Start a Prayer Notebook
5. Eat at the table 3 times
6. Have 2 Game Nights
7. Blog 3x
8. Disney Blog 1x
9. Start Filming YouTube again
10. Sugar/Gluten Free 5/7 Days
11. Facebook Posts
12. Organize Social Media Assets

What is your top goal this week?

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