Friday, February 14, 2020

Five on Friday: Happy Valentine's Day

It's been a while since I shared anything that I loved so here are a few of my recent favorites.

1. The Makeup Eraser
I love this reusable makeup remover. You just wet it with warm water and take your makeup off. I have two and I switch the towels out mid-week.

2. The Roku Channel
We are cord cutters and I usually stick to Hulu, Netflix and YouTube, but in January, The Roku Channel added Without a Trace and I have completely binged this series. The Roku Channel on the Roku has a lot of stuff to watch!

3. The Good Place and The Good Place Podcast
The Good Place is an amazing NBC sitcom that stars Ted Danson and Kristen Bell. It just ended a four season run by choice. It was not cancelled, they decided the story had been told. The Good Place Podcast is hosted by Marc Evan Jackson, who is an actor on the show. If you are at all interested in how TV shows are made, it is an amazing companion podcast.

4. The Pink Drink at Starbucks
I know that I am way behind the ball on this one, but until recently, if I was going to Starbucks, I needed full on caffeine, not lightly caffeinated tea.

5. Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan
This is the third book in the Crazy Rich Asians series and I have to say...probably the best one of the series. I truly hope this becomes a movie.

What are your favorites this week?

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