Thursday, September 13, 2018

Housewife Life: 3 Facebook Etiquette Rules

Here it is. Just because Facebook is virtual, does not mean that what you do does not affect other people. It does. But Facebook seems to give people a license to be inconsiderate and I just don't understand it.

Facebook Etiquette Rule #1
If you hear that someone has died, lets say your uncle, DO NOT POST about that death until someone from your uncle's immediate family has posted or until the obituary has been published. 

If the immediate family hasn't posted...there is a reason.
A) They may still be notifying family.
B) They may just be too overwhelmed to deal with an onslaught of condolences. 
C) They may just want a quiet evening with their grief.

Facebook Etiquette Rule #2
When you see that a person you know has been in town because they were tagged by a person you do not know, this is not a place to start a conversation about how the person you know did not see them while they were in town.

As someone who lives away from where I grew up, I try very hard to see as many people as I can when I am home for any reason. Sometimes...often times...I can't see everyone. If I am home for a wedding, I will fit in breakfast, late night drinks, lunch, whatever with whomever I can, but that wedding is the most important thing I need to do. I'm very sorry if you are hurt I couldn't see you, but know that if I had anymore open slots that I could fit you in, I would have contacted you and you are at the top of my list for my next trip.

And someone else's Facebook post is not a place to air your discontent.

Facebook Etiquette Rule #3
No one else needs to know what is on your feed. I have had so many conversations about what people read on Facebook. And not the important things...the mundane things. So and so posted a meme about mornings. So and so had KFC for dinner. So and so went running again today. This is not a topic of conversation.

The only exceptions to this rule are marriages, births, deaths and big life news. That is totally acceptable to draw to other people's attentions. But no one else needs to know what you read while you were scrolling through the mundane. 

What makes you crazy about Facebook etiquette? Share below.

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