Thursday, December 27, 2018

18 for 2018 Evaluation

1. Write Daily
While I was hoping this would turn into a novel, I did write something most days. I blogged, I wrote actual Instagram captions, I plotted several novels. I would call this a 50% Completion.

2. Learn German
75% Completion.For most of the year, I did a daily German lesson using Duolingo. I learned a lot of German! But in September, I realized that I had hit the limit of my ability to learn a language and quit because, well, it wasn't fun anymore.

3. Use a Daily Gratitude Journal
100% Completion. I do this every morning and I love it and I have added it to my 19 for 2019.

4. Use a Daily One-Sentence Journal.
100% Completion. Again, I do this every morning and I love it. It is part of my 19 for 2019.

5. Make a go of my blog.
80% Completion. I need to be better at my posting schedule, but I love writing this. I also want to make sure I'm not phoning it in, because the blogs I enjoy the most are the ones that seem genuine.

6. Become a travel agent.
100% Completion. I earned this badge in July, when I completed my training. I can't wait to see what 2019 will bring to me and my travel business!

7. Daily Devotional.
90% Completion. I do this most mornings and I love it. It is also part of my 19 for 2019.

8. Read 60 Books.
87% Completion. I should finish this year at either 52 or 53 books, so I ALMOST made it. In 2019, I will do another reading challenge...and I'm upping the ante.

9. Buy a Shed.
100% Completion. I love my shed. It is useful and cute, but I want to purge it and the house again....

10. Adopt.
5% Completion. This is one of the big things for my 19 for 2019. This is a goal that just seems so overwhelming and hard. I'm really hopeful I can mark this done by this time next year.

11. Create my perfect planner.
100% Completion. I really thought I would be designing and printing my own printer, but I learned more about the tools out there for planners and was able to modify an Erin Condren Life Planner to fit my needs perfectly!

12. Email Updates to Family and Friends.
25% Completion. I'm not really even sure what happened to this one. It just fell off my radar.

13. Travel to a New Place
100% Completion. We went to Destin, Florida for our big vacation this year in August. It was lovely. I LOVED the beach, but didn't really like Destin...

14. Complete 2 Whole 30s (Substituted 100 Days to Destin)
100% Completion. I realized after a few mis-starts that doing it alone was not going to work for me, so I made a plan for the 100 Days leading up to our vacation and incorporated better eating choices and exercise.

15. Workout 2-3 Times per Week
100% Completion. This took some time to ramp up to, but now, I am walking about 30 minutes every single day...Thank you Ellie

16. Remodel Bathroom
100% Completion. In August and September, we completed the bathroom and I love it! I can't wait to start the next bathroom!

17. New Bedroom Flooring
On Hold. We decided to do this after we do the second bathroom in our master suite, because it didn't make sense to get new carpeting and then have contractors dragging debris and materials through the room.

18. New Kitchen Flooring
On Hold. This one turned into an issue getting on the contractors schedule before the holidays.


I love this project so very much! I am so excited to start my 19 for 2019! This list was like a beacon that kept me on track for the year. I honestly feel like I accomplished so many more things than I have ever accomplished in my personal life.

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How was your year???

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