Thursday, March 7, 2019

19 for 2019: February Update

February started slow for me, but I got moving toward the end of the month.

2. Go to Archery Monthly
I made an appointment, but moved it to the first week of March because I was too overwhelmed...more on that later.

3. Facts of Life Binder
I got started on the binder! I have a lot of work left to do, but I got a good chunk of it done.

4. Crochet a Blanket
I started crocheting this month. I have four rows done...about 300 to go ;)

9. Read 65 books.
I have read 2...

10. Continue Mental 20
I've been having trouble with this, but I have started getting back in the practice.

11. Adopt
This was the surprise, but we started the process in the last few days of the month!!!!

13. Bake 2 items a month.
I baked funfetti chocolate chip cookie dough oreo cupcakes! I need to work on getting 2 items in every month.

18. Get pearl earring fixed.
Accomplished January 22

19. Catch up on photo books
2 down!

March looks like it will be a good month! My plan is to do 2 archery sessions, make 2 photo books, bake 2 items, continue crocheting, work on my Facts of Life binder, go sugar free, get a quote for the bathroom, teach Ellie 2 tricks and set an appointment with our adoption consultant.

Preparing our adoption profile and getting ready for the home study will be all-encompassing, but I think working on the items I have planned will be very relaxing.

I am also getting my regular colonoscopy this month! Woooooo!

How are your yearly goals going?

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