Thursday, March 28, 2019

19 for 2019 Update: March

2. Go to Archery Monthly
I went to archery, but since the facility moved, I asked Chris to build me a backing so I can shoot in the back yard.

3. Facts of Life Binder
I have not made any progress on this since February.

4. Crochet a Blanket
I crocheted a bit, but need to make it a nightly practice.

9. Read 65 books.
I am up to 7 books read...I should finish an 8th by the end of the month.

10. Continue Mental 20
I'm back on track with this one.

11. Adopt
I'm working on our profile and have 2 weeks to get it finished before we start working on our home study!

12. Keep Training Ellie
We are working on Quiet and Roll Over. Neither are 100%, but I think that is a stubborn issue and not a understanding issue. When we are at the park, I am also working on sit and come when she is excited.

13. Bake 2 items a month.
I did not bake, but giving up sugar made it difficult to bake this month.

15. $250,000 in Travel Agency Sales
I have run 2 ad and done 2 quotes. So things are moving!

17. Go 90% Gluten/Dairy/Sugar Free
I have accomplished 90% Sugar Free. Dairy is up next.

18. Get pearl earring fixed.
Accomplished January 22

19. Catch up on photo books
4 down!

I have a feeling April is going to be Adoption heavy and I plan to continue the course on the things I already have in progress.

This last week, I started a deep spring cleaning of the house. So far, I have completed our master suite and the laundry room. Next week, I am going to take on the guest suite and kitchen while focusing my attention on our adoption profile.

How did your March go? What is your focus for April?

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