Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Walt Disney World Trip Report Day 3: Part 2

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After a three hour nap, we headed to Hollywood Studios. On the bus, we put in a mobile order for some lunch at ABC Commissary. It was probably our least healthy meal of the entire trip, but it tasted great.

Mobile Ordering is the best thing Disney has instituted in ages. We got to look at the menu in a low stress situation and our food was ready about 3 minutes after we got to the restaurant.

After lunch, we used our bonus FastPass+ to go on Star Tours. We got to fight on the planet with that has red sand that flies around things fly over it...you know the one. (Please no hate...I love Star Wars, but I am new to the movies and can't keep it all straight...I can discuss Gilmore Girls in detail though)

Then, we met Olaf...the queue and meet area smelled like coconut sunscreen!

After Olaf, we headed over to Sunset Boulevard and made a PhotoPass photographer's day. See, Chris hates when the photographers are like "Look Scared" or "Look Surprised". So when this newly minted College Program PhotoPass photographer said "Look Scared" and Chris replied "I can't", I started laughing...then the photographer started laughing...and she was like..."I don't think I can recover from that."

Then, I rode Tower of Terror, which is my favorite ride. Chris, however, has refused to ride it the past two trips. So I went alone, I love that ride.

After ToT, we rode Rock 'n' Rollercoaster.

After RRC, we headed over to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and got a special show. One of the set pieces broke down and the side we were on, we got a view of the mechanics rushing around to get it moving.

Then, we went to visit Municiberg, where we met Edna Mode, went to a dance party with Mrs. Incredible and Frozone, and watched some spectacular streetmosphere.

We got a hankering for ice cream, so we headed over to Scoops on Sunset Boulevard for a delicious ice cream sundae.

By the time we finished our ice cream, it was time to head to Toy Story Land for our FastPass+ for Slinky Dog Dash.

Oh, my, gosh...I LOVED THAT RIDE. Chris did too...check out his smile!

We decided to go ahead and wait for Alien Swirling Sauces and it was so cute! As we were leaving Toy Story Land, Toy Story Mania dropped to a 10 minute wait, so we decided to forego camping out for the best spot for the fireworks and hop on TSM. I won...again.

After TSM, we headed to the center of the park and found an unoccupied bench off to the side. We decided we would rather sit and enjoy a less than perfect view than stand. Basically, by this point, our feet were calling the shots.

After an amazing show, we headed back to Coronado Springs.

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