Thursday, June 6, 2019

19 for 2019: May Update

I feel like I spun my wheels a LOT in May and did not make any progress. Let's work it out.

1. Make Aprons-I found the material back...does that count as progress?

2. Go to Archery Monthly...nope.

3. Facts of Life Binder-I actually made a ton of progress on this in a roundabout way.

4. Crochet a Blanket-I've been trying to crochet nightly so that is going well.

5. Remodel my Bathroom-My contractor is coming this week to do a quote.

6. Remodel Kitchen-Not even on our radar yet.

7. New Bedding-Done! OK, almost done. I need to get some pretty things to finish off the look.

8. Paint Bedroom-Not even on our radar yet.

9. Read 65 Books-Made BIG progress on this...I finished my 20th book on May 31!

10. Continue Mental 20-This is going well again!

11. Adopt-We made HUGE progress on this. As of the end of May, all of our paperwork has been submitted to our home study agency and we are just waiting to do our interviews.

12. Keep Training Ellie-We are continuing to work on roll over, but I have given Chris the training duties because Ellie seems to see him as a playmate with no authority, so they are doing a training session every night now.

13. Bake 2 items a month-I baked brownies and Heaven Sent Cake

14. Travel to a New Place-I think we are going to South Dakota for vacation in September...stay tuned.

15. $250,000 Travel Agency Sales-I need to revamp this to $100,000. :(

16. Buy New Glasses...I'm just going to do this without Chris I think.

17. Go Dairy Free/Gluten Free/Sugar Free 90% of the time-I'm going off the dairy train this month.

18. Get Pearl Earring Fixed...Done!

19. Catch up on Photo Books-I made a bit of progress here.

So, all in all, not too bad! I did make progress.

How are you doing on your May goals?

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