Thursday, June 13, 2019

Powersheets: My Second Month Review

A few years ago, I came across the Powersheets, and while I was intrigued, I was not in a place in my life where I could even fathom doing the work and sticking to the goals I created for myself.

A few months ago, I started watching a couple of new (to me) YouTube creators who were using Powersheets and I was inspired. I watched all of their Powersheets videos and made the decision to purchase the 6 month, undated version.

I received my planner in April and sat down to do the prep-work...even though I had planned to mostly use my Powersheets to focus my 19 for 2019 list.

For the month of May, I just got used to using the tending list and now, mid-way through June...I love them. I love that I can track my progress on the bigger goals and keep myself accountable for goals I should be doing daily or weekly.

Below is a photo of my June tending list, updated two days ago. You can see that I need to work on my YouTube channel and going dairy free...there is still time in June!

It also called to my attention that I need to run an ad for my travel agency and build my archery backing. Both of which I added to my to-dos for this week!

Have you used the Powersheets? Are you interested in them? Let me know!

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