Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Flourish: October Update

October was a fantastic month. We welcomed a new furbaby into the house...our rescue dog Ellie. She is the perfect addition to our family. She had her first training session this week and she is rocking the homework...because she is brilliant. I spent a week at my parents house and got to spend a lot of time with one of my best friends who is going through a major life change. I also got to spend a lot of time with my mom, saw another of my best friends and went to an extended family get-together. 

18 for 2018

In Progress
1. Write Daily
2. Learn German
3. Use a Daily Gratitude Journal
4. Use a Daily One-Sentence Journal
5. Make a go of my blog
7. Daily Devotional
8. Read 60 Books (I just finished number 42)
10. Adopt. We are starting the paperwork!
12. Send regular updates to family and friends
15. Work out 2-3 times a week

6. Become a Travel Agent!
9. Buy a Shed!
11. Create my perfect planner!
13. Travel to a New Place!
14. Complete 2 Whole30s/100 Days to Destin!
16. Remodel Bathroom

Still to come...
17. New Bedroom Carpeting
18. New Kitchen Flooring

Plans for November: In all honesty...
The bedroom and kitchen flooring will probably not happen. I don't want new bedroom carpeting until we do the second bathroom in the master suite (we have a his and hers thing ever) because I don't want to worry about the new carpet with the men tromping through during the remodel. Because we do a lot during the holidays, I don't want to upset the heart of my household at this time of year. However, I plan on tacking those two things onto the end of my 19 for 2019 list. These things will happen...but probably not this year. 

36 While We Are 36

In Progress
3. Do Something New Every Month
5. Purge and Organize Entire House
7. Meditate Daily
14. Celebrate Small Holidays
16. Be Better at Sending Birthday Cards
17. File Monthly
18. Wash Car
22. Go to the Zoo Monthly
23. Gallery Wall in Hallway (Almost Complete)
24. Mask Thursdays
25. Go to 4 Major Concerts/Plays and 2 Community Plays
28. Text a friend everyday
29. Maintain Whole30 Lifestyle
31. Take More Baths
32. Weekly Power Hours
33. Organize Recipes
34. Digital Declutter
36. Visit Florence Three Times

1. Buy a Purse
6. Have Septic Take Serviced
8. Have Dryer Vent Cleaned
9. New Living Room Curtains
12. Take Chris to visit Owen
15. Update Dish Rags
20. New Mattresses
26. Go to a Dermatologist
35. Plan a Weekend Getaway with Chris 

Still to Come
2. Remodel Office
4. Volunteer Twice a Month
10 Girl's Weekend with E (Off the table)
11. Girls Weekend with T & G
13. Decorate Front Area
19. Update Bath Mats
21. Go to Frist 6 Times
27. Colonoscopy (Scheduled!!!)
30. Get more Involved at Women's Club

Again, no changes here. 

Plans for November: In November, I do plan on planning my girl's weekend with T & G, planning the office remodel, and I hope to get an idea of what I want to do in the front of the house. 

November in General

Coming up in November, I need to prepare for Thanksgiving. I will be hosting Thanksgiving and having houseguests for the weekend. Ellie has her second training session, where we will work with another dog. My first travel agency clients will be traveling to Walt Disney World. I am participating in Nanowrimo, the Planathon and Last 90 Days.

If you are participating in 18 for 2018 or another similar challenge, how was your October? Still going strong? Let me know in the comments!

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