Monday, November 19, 2018

Motivational Monday: We've Got This!

Are your hearts racing? Brains spinning? Adrenaline pumping?

That's right, it's go time. The holidays have arrived.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, attending Thanksgiving nearby or traveling...this week will be busy.

But I'm here to say... We've got this.

I know...those to do lists are looooong. Mine is too. But let's look at this like a challenge.

Can you accomplish everything on your to do list? Can you do it with a smile?

Here are some tips to help make it through this week...

1. Prioritize. Make a Must Do, Should Do and Want To Do list. Do your Must Dos first then move on to the Should Dos. If you have time, tackle some Want To Dos.

2. Remember...progress over perfection. Do I want to move my couch and mop under it? Yes. Can I get away with a deep swiffering? Yes. Progress.

3. Take some time for you. Eat your meals. Take some time outs to do something you like to do. Use some nice lotion on your roughed up hands. Anything small that you can do to keep your energy up and your spirits high.

Ok. I think we are ready. Go get a Must Do done. Have some fun with it.

Remember. We've Got This.

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What is the most daunting To Do on your list? Share below!

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