Thursday, November 8, 2018

Housewife Life: Dog Training

Wow! I can't believe how much time and energy it takes to train your dog.

I am totally committed to training her because we will be together for more than ten years and I have seen, first hand, what an untrained dog can do to your life.

Here is what my day looks like with Miss Ellie:

6:00 AM-Outside and Breakfast
9:00 AM-Outside
Noon-Outside and Lunch

Training Tasks through the day: Kennel training (Almost done), Hand feed one of the meals (30 minutes), 30 minute walk, 10 minute game of fetch, 10 minute game of tug, 10 minute training on new trick...right now it is lay down.

Even with all of that, I feel like I have been really productive, like she is giving me energy and motivation...mostly because I just want to get back to cuddling her.

Ellie is just one big, furry, cuddle monster who lacks manners (we are working on that and it is already better 2 days post training session!)

She likes to be held like a baby...

Just one of our morning cuddle sessions...she is not a morning dog.

Our first solo walk in the park after doing our civic duty!

She loves face kisses...I do not.
Have you trained a dog? Did you use a trainer? Share below!

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