Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Jennie's Recipe Reviews: Shrimp Scampi Pizza

I was looking for something interesting to make for dinner with shrimp and decided to try this recipe from Cooking with Curls.

It was a good recipe that probably would have been better without my gluten free cauliflower pizza husband seemed to like his a lot.

I par-baked the crusts, cooked the shrimp, topped the pizza and enjoyed dinner a lot!

Take a look!

Par-baked gluteny crust.

Cooking shrimp with garlic, white wine, butter, and lemon.

Topped with shrimp.

I added spinach.

We used fresh mozzarella.

Finished product on the gluten free crust. I should have baked it a bit longer, but my dog has an issue with timers...
And that is that. Definitely give this a try if you like shrimp...mozzarella...and gluten ;)

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