Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Walt Disney World 2019 Trip Report: Day 1: Part 3

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After a ride around the monorail, we arrived at Magic Kingdom at about 6:10. The official entry time for Disney After Hours at Magic Kingdom on January 24 was 7:00, but we were allowed in at 6:35.

We had a FastPass+ for meeting Mickey and Minnie in their celebration duds at Town Square Theater from 5:50-6:50, so we made it in time. I loved getting to meet both Mickey and Minnie at the same time!

We also had a FastPass+ for meeting Tinkerbell from 7:00-7:30. The meeting area for Tinkerbell is so cute!!!

After meeting Tinkerbell, I bought a new pair of Minnie ears and we took a bathroom break. At 7:30, we claimed a spot to watch Once Upon a Time, a castle projection show, and Happily Ever After, the Magic Kingdom nighttime spectacular.

After Happily Ever After, we made our way, like salmon swimming upstream, into Adventureland and began our tour!

8:25 PM - Jungle Cruise

8:38 PM - Pirates of the Caribbean

8:52 PM - Splash Mountain

9:12 PM - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
9:24 PM - Popcorn and Water Break
Haunted Mansion was closed so we moved past it.

9:41 PM - Meet Rapunzel and Tiana

9:55 PM - Ice Cream Sandwich Break
10:01 PM - Under the Sea

I forgot to take notes for the next two steps, but we rode Space Mountain and got a frozen chocolate covered banana and water.

10:43 PM - Peoplemover

10:59 PM - We were getting off of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

As we left, we got a few photos on Main Street before catching a bus back to Coronado Springs. I took a shower and was in bed by midnight!

So, did we think it was worth the $125 per person price tag?

Absolutely. We were able to walk onto almost every ride, or wait for like 1 or 2 ride vehicles before we rode. Most of the "wait" times were how long it took to walk through the queue for each ride.

We also got 2 popcorns, 2 ice cream sandwiches, 2 frozen chocolate covered bananas and 4 bottles of water...which were included in the price.

This is an event I will be recommending to clients as long as things don't change.

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