Friday, August 14, 2020

August 2020 Goals


This month is all about family and home. We are settling in to our new life as a family of 3 and I need to put a bit more focus on our foundation.


1. Plan - Execute - Send Thank Yous Sebastian's Baptism.

This is mostly a life to do.

2. Save $1000

Our savings took a giant hit the past few months, so we need to start socking away money for a new HVAC system.

3. Read Pray Like Mary

This covers both my faith goal and a 20 for 2020 goal. 

4. Buy a Desk

Chris will be working from home indefinitely and needs a better deal. Especially since his old desk broke during the carpet installation.

5. Declutter and Settle Nursery

This is pretty self explanatory. The nursery is a bit wild and just needs some organization.

6. Declutter and Settle House

The house is in a state of flux with all the new baby stuff. We need to get rid of some stuff we want to sell and some donations. Once that is done, it will be easier to give everything a home. 

7. September Facebook Posts and

8. October Facebook Posts

I need to get back into the swing of things with my travel agency.

Weekly Goals

1. Blog 

This is mostly for me and to keep myself accountable.

2. Disney Blog

Again, I need to get back to work on my travel agency.

3. Read 1 Book

I don't have a lot of energy or focus to read since Sebastian was born.

4. Focus Hour with Chris

I need to spend a focused hour with Chris every week. 

5. Train Ellie 3 times

It's been hard for Ellie while we've been in this newborn stage. She has been doing well, but I want to give her some focused time because I enjoy it and she needs it.

Daily Goals

1. No Dairy

Dairy is not my friend. I do better not eating it. I have more energy, feel better overall and do not have stomach issues when I avoid Dairy.

2. Park with Ellie

I love this time of day. Taking her to the park to give her some one on one time is important. It also gives me some quiet to basically zone out, listen to nature and recenter before I start my day.

3. 5 Bottles of Water 

I got a 24 oz camelbak water bottle after we came home with Sebastian because its easier to carry around and I need to drink 5 of those each day to stay well hydrated.

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