Monday, August 31, 2020

September is the Other January - August 31-September 6, 2020 - Life Planner - Goals

 Gretchen Rubin said it best...September is the other January. I haven't been in school for *ahem* years, but every year, this feels like a new start. Fall is coming, the holidays are around the corner and it feels like a blank slate is ahead for the season.

Planner Spread

My kit this week is the sushi kit from Cricket Paper Co. I got the regular kit and the glitter add on. The colors and the design are a huge departure from my normal aesthetic, but I love it because I miss sushi desperately. I added some Planner Kate script stickers to round out the week.

Goals for the Week

I have a lot I want to accomplish this week. 

* Week's Facebook Posts
* Update Nixplay and Family Album
* Save $250
* Train Ellie 3 times
* Read Pray Like Mary
* Pray The Queen's Secret
* Set Card and Gift Reminders in my Phone
* Find Family Photographer
* Send out Birth Announcements
* Focus Hour with Chris
* Weekly Blog Posts


Are you reaching for goals this week or are you planning a quiet week?

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