Friday, August 28, 2020

Foundation Check In - August 2020

 2020 has not been the year any of us were expecting, but I think Foundation was a good word to focus on for the year. 

My main goal with Foundation was to focus on my marriage and faith. Thankfully, those are two things I can focus on this year. In regards to my faith, I have an almost daily prayer habit now and have been re-learning prayers I learned in grade school. I have also been praying novenas and the rosary. I end my prayer time with a list of things I am praying over and then I do a Litany of Saints, asking them to pray for us. I don't love the devotional I am using this year, but I think I will finish it out and get a new one in January like I usually do.

In regards to my marriage, we are so much closer than ever. Considering we are living a lifestyle similar to pioneers of the 1800s, where we literally only see each other for days on end, its a good thing we are best friends! We haven't found our footing since adding a newborn to our family, but I think that is normal. We basically share newborn care duties, house care duties, watch TV and sleep. We have talked about starting to do a game after he goes to bed, so hopefully in the coming weeks we can make that happen.

Some of my outer goals under the Foundation heading were to

1. Build a community, which has been so much more difficult due to Covid. But, I am making time to do virtual happy hours and things like that with different groups of friends. I also started in a new Bible study in February and I love that group of women and hope we can become a bit tighter as the years go on. 

2. Spruce up the house, which has been a bit of a success. Sebastian's room is almost done, except for painting and trim. Next up is Chris's office, which needs a new desk and curtains...and eventually a sofa bed for our guests. Hopefully by the end of the year, we can replace our bed and nightstands. We realized that with our current family configuration, a queen sized bed just won't cut it. Later, if Sebastian is scared by a storm, I want him to be able to climb into bed with us and the three of us, plus Ellie, will be a tight squeeze in a queen sized bed. 

3. Finances, which has gone pretty well. We have paid off our credit cards, paid almost all of the adoption expenses, and started saving for a new car. My contributions to that cause are nil, because of Covid, but I hope that I can ramp up and get some travelers in 2021.

How is your word of the year going? Did you pick something that is workable through this pandemic? 

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