Monday, August 17, 2020

You Are Enough - August 17-23 - Life Planner - Goals


What woman doesn't struggle with the thought that they could do or be more? Single women, married women, moms, not moms...we all struggle with the nagging feeling that we could be better, do better, look better, sound better...

As a new mom, I'm struggling with figuring out my life. I am a stay at home mom, primarily, but I am also a part time travel agent and a semi-caregiver to my mother in law. Right now, Sebastian is 11 weeks old and I am loving all that I do for him...even the screaming when I stop feeding him to burp him...ok...that is a lot to handle...but I love that I get to handle it.

What I am struggling with is cleaning, travel agenting, and caregiving. 

I keep telling myself that it will get easier. That soon I will be able to get some stuff done while he is awake, but for now, I am trying to squeeze everything in as quickly as I can when my husband is free to help with him and when he is napping.

Chris is on "vacation" this week. So, we each get 3 or 4 "focus hours" each day to work on things we need to get done. I'm seriously hoping to catch up on cleaning and travel agenting and caregiving during my focus hours this week. 

LifePlanner Spread

This week's kit is from xomamaplans on Etsy and Instagram. I am sticking with the Top 3 strategy in the half box at the top of each day and the general to-dos listed below.


Weekly Goals

In addition to my Powersheets Weekly goals, I am planning to hang the photos in Sebastian's room, clean the house well and hopefully, start working on my September Facebook posts to get back into the swing of things work-wise.

I also want to start thinking about my September Powersheets if I have time toward the end of the week, read a book and buy the damn desk already.

Weekly Words

Check In

How are you doing? Really? Are you struggling with feeling inadequate lately? Are you struggling with anything in particular this week?

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