Wednesday, May 16, 2018

36 While I'm 36

Inspired by 18 for 2018, I talked to my friend Erin and talked her into embarking on another project with me...36 while we are 36. Erin turned 36 in January and I will turn 36 in July. So we split the difference and decided to start our year in March.

So far, I have hit this list running!

To Date I have:
Bought a new purse (#1)
Did something new in May (#3)
I have the house purge in progress (#5)
I started Meditating (#7)
I have a dryer vent cleaning scheduled (#8)
Bought new living room curtains (#9)
Updated dishrags (#15)
I have filed monthly (#17)
I have washed my car monthly (#18)
I bought a zoo membership (#22)
Mask Thursdays are awesome (#24)
I went to Wicked (#25)
I texted a friend daily (#28)
Weekly Power Hours are awesome (#32)
I am working on a digital declutter (#34)

Are there things you would like to do but have been putting off? Share some of them below!

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