Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Going to the Beach: Create Your Packing List

One of my favorite vacations is renting a beach house with our friends and just relaxing. However, having a successful beach vacation takes some planning. So, I have created my Ultimate Beach House Packing List 2018 !!!!

Beach Needs
I think this section is pretty much self explanatory, but here are a few notes..
* Check with your local beach to see if you need to (or can) bring your own beach chairs and umbrellas. The place we are going this year does not allow you to bring your own, but has a rental kiosk.
* A soft-sided cooler is good to bring some drinks and small snacks...water is a must if you are in the sun for a while.

House Needs
* Sage is something we like to burn in the grill to help keep mosquitoes and flies at bay.
* Most houses do not provide toilet paper, or if they do, it is one roll. Grocery stores are mad houses on weekends at the beach, so just pack it, because you need it.
* Same thing with tissues. If your family uses a lot of tissues, just pack them.
* Clothespins are a must! The beach tends to be breezy, so when you hang your towels and bathing suits outside to dry, bring clothespins to secure them.

First Aid
This is a better safe than sorry category. The area we usually rent is pretty remote, so we like to have a lot of the things that we might need.

Kitchen Needs
We do a lot of our own cooking while we are at the beach, mostly out of laziness. So we like to bring things from home that we won't use all of, like spices and cleaners and containers. We also like to bring certain appliances, like a slow cooker and a griddle. Oh, and we never have enough pitchers! We mix up a lot of cocktails so our bartender doesn't have to be on call all the time ;)

We love a good game night. Some of our best beach memories are centered around game nights, so we like to bring new games and cards. We also like to bring movies because there is always going to be a rainy afternoon that needs to be filled with laziness.

This will be personal for every family. We don't always bring our laptops and tablets. It really just depends on what we have going on.

Clothes and Hygiene
I will do a completely separate post on clothes and hygiene items I like to bring along.

If you are stuck, I hope this helps!

What did I miss? Comment below!

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