Thursday, May 17, 2018

About Me

Two years ago, I left my job at a non-profit to embark on this homemaking journey. It has not been an easy ride. I have felt lonely and discouraged a lot of the time, but recently, things have been on the upswing. I am excited to share a little of my life and my journey as a homemaker.

Chris and I on a pirate ship in Grand Cayman
Here is the truth. I am a bad homemaker. I am improving, but cleaning is not my forte. I also hate shopping. I had a bit of depression that started a few months after I left my job and I really struggled to feel better. When I would start to feel better, I would get overwhelmed and fall back into the depression.

With some of my best friends
This is going to sound like a piece of propaganda, but in October, I did a Whole30 month and that was honestly the turning point. I learned more about food, I became a better cook, I felt better, my energy increased and my depression lifted. Then, I found the wonder of the YouTube cleaning video and the YouTubers have really kept me motivated and taught me a lot!

So why should you stick around?

I want to create a place to motivate you, lift you up and chat about homemaking. If I find a new cleaning hack, try a new recipe, go on a trip or find a great product, I will share it. And I want to hear your opinions too! Let me know if you have a recipe or a product you want me to try and if it is something that will work for us, I will try it!

So, who am I?

I grew up in a small town. I am a college graduate. I have been married for 11 years to my college sweetheart. We have not been lucky enough to have children yet, but we are researching our adoption options. I worked in the non-profit and retail industries until a couple of years ago when I left my job to become a homemaker.

One of my favorite pictures from our wedding day
Why did I leave my job?

We always planned on me leaving my job when we had kids, but since that did not happen, we decided it was time. Both of us were working exhausting full time jobs, usually with a lot of overtime, and with me staying home, I could focus on our house and family more.

Being a homemaker has given me the freedom to be where I needed to be for my family. I was able to be present when my best friends parents died, when my mom had cancer, when my grandmother died, and to help my mother-in-law with her medical appointments and home maintenance.

What do I love?
I love reading, TV, movies, and travel. I love to do puzzles and DIY home decor projects. I love cooking and baking.

In a cave on our Honeymoon
After my Whole30, I have cut a lot of gluten and dairy from my diet. I am still trying to reduce those even further. I had sugar completely cut out, but it has crept back in and I am working on cutting that out again.

Lexi. She is 18 years old.
Other facts: I love the Outer Banks. I have a cat named Lexi and a turtle named Harvey. I am obsessed with Disney. I hate peas and birds.

Me and Donald at Chef Mickey's at Walt Disney World's Contemporary Resort
I am excited to start sharing!

My feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time!
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