Thursday, July 19, 2018

Housewife Life: I Got My Dream Job

Years and years ago, I had a fleeting thought...I want to be a travel agent. I honestly thought it was a dying industry and shoved that thought out of my mind.

A few years ago, I started to realize that the travel agent industry had not only survived, it had thrived. I was in the middle of planning our second trip to Walt Disney World and started to hear of thriving travel agencies that specialize in Disney vacations and I thought...hey, that sounds fantastic.

After a bunch of starts and stops, I achieved my dream and am officially a Vacationeer with Ear to There Travel!!!

So, what does that mean for my housewife life?

I was able to complete my training while my husband was out of town last week and am working on carving out an hour every day to dedicate to working, which right now is mostly setting up social media accounts, watching more training videos and learning the programs I need to use.

See, the thing is, that as a stay at home wife, I need something to give me more of a purpose. I love being able to be a homemaker and to serve my family and community. But I also need an outlet, something to do to add value to the family budget. Granted, right now this dream of mine is a drain on the family budget, but soon, it will pay off.

Are you a housewife with a side hustle? Do you have any hints for me on how to make it all work? Share in the comments!

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