Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July 2018 Favorites

Another month has come and gone...July was a rough month for me, but I do have a few favorites to share.

So let's jump in!

Favorite Book: The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah
I was a casual fan of Kristin Hannah until a few years ago, but her last few books have been among my favorite books so far!

The Great Alone is about a young girl and her family set in the 1970s. Her father is a Vietnam War POW who returned home six years after he was captured. He receives a letter telling him he inherited a homestead in Alaska.

I thought this book was well written, and while some of the story was predictable, I ultimately could not predict most of it, which kept me on the edge of my seat.

Favorite Movie: The Incredibles 2
Is this any surprise? I love Disney/Pixar, but I wasn't a big fan of the Incredibles. I thought it was good, but I never watched it a second time until right before we went to see The Incredibles 2. The Incredibles 2 made me love this franchise...Jack Jack is the best character. I am really hoping for a third installment!

Favorite Beauty: Neutrogena Under Eye Brightener
I used one of these from Mary Kay a long time ago, but recently have been finding a brightener much more necessary. When I saw that Neutrogena had a new product, I was eager to try it because I have been loving a lot of the new makeup offerings from Neutrogena.

Favorite Kitchen Supply: My new aprons
I have been meaning to make myself some aprons for a long time, but have never gotten around to it. For my birthday, I got 2 Minnie Mouse aprons and I love them both!

Favorite New Recipe: Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice
It takes a while to make, but it is tasty and it just gets better as it marinates in the fridge.

Favorite Memory: My birthday!
My birthday this year was probably one of the best. It was a great day, preceded by a great weekend.

That's it for this month!

What are some of your favorite things this month? Share below!

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