Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Trip Report: Weekend in Indiana

Thursday, Chris and I left for a weekend at my best friend's house in Indiana. This trip was a little different for me, because we would be staying in a hotel instead of at her house. Typically, when I am visiting alone, I just crash on her couch.

We arrived in Anderson, Indiana at the Best Western Plus Anderson around 11:20 PM local time. The lobby was small, but clean and nicely decorated...the chandelier was amazing. We were quickly checked in by the friendly and professional front desk worker. We got room 114, which was perfect for our trip.

We got two queen beds and checked the room for cleanliness before settling in and I quickly unpacked and we got to bed.

Chris had to work Friday, so I spent the day working in my planners, researching and reading. We enjoyed the breakfast at the hotel. The food on the bar was so-so, but they were cooking some food to order and it looked good...though I didn't try it. The breakfast area looks over a small yard with some bird feeders in it.

View from the breakfast area at the Best Western Plus Anderson

Chris working

Me napping while Chris is taking a webinar that bored me to sleep.

For lunch, we visited the Panera in Anderson...it was so busy, we went back to the hotel to eat it. The food was good!

Around 5:45, we left our hotel to head to see Tiffany and the boys! We spent the evening chatting, and eating dinner and watching movies with her boys before heading back to the hotel for the night. Dinner was from B&K Rootbeer Stand in Alexandria. I had a Maxi Burger, French Fries and a Rootbeer and really enjoyed it!

Me and Owen
Saturday, Tiffany picked us up to take us to El Burro Loco in Anderson for lunch. The food was good, but the service was slow...

I had arroz con pollo and the table shared the queso dip. The arroz con pollo was delicious and the queso was a good queso, not too spicy, but not too bland either.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to take advantage of the indoor pool and hot tub. The pool was very nice, the shallow end was a bit cool. There was a waterfall in the deep end that was heating the water.

Cooper ready to swim...in the hotel room.
After some swimming and splashing, we hopped in the hot tub and then dried off. We "napped" in the hotel room before heading back to Tiffany's for the evening. On the way we stopped at McDonald's in Alexandria for drinks...do not pay with cash...they can not count change. Then we picked up food at The Curve in Alexandria.

Snacking and playing on tablets
I had the cranberry bog salad...it was good and they did not skimp on the toppings...I actually had to give up before I finished the salad. Chris got the stromboli...he said it was good, but it was definitely not a stromboli...it was more like a sandwich.

Me and Cooper
We hung out with Tiffany and the boys until around midnight and then headed back to the hotel.

Chris and Cooper playing Minecraft Saturday night
Sunday, I got up early to get our bags packed so we could spend a few hours with Tiffany and the boys before we headed home. We picked up donuts at Delux Donuts in Anderson. The cake donuts were great, but I had a French cruller, which is usually a favorite, and it had a weird lard taste.

Chris and Cooper playing Minecraft again on Sunday
I had the best weekend. Tiffany and I have been friends for 30 years. Weekends like this one, where we just hung out, swam, ate, chatted, feel like we are back in middle school doing the same things we did then. Being with Tiffany calms my soul in a way that is hard to explain. I feel at peace with her.

Me and Hodie the dog
Me and the boys. I interrupted tablet time for the photo ;)

Best friends for 30 years...Love her so much...

Have you been friends with someone forever? Is there anyone you can just be in a room with and not need anything? Share your story below!

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