Monday, July 8, 2019

Hopefully this week goes better...

Last week was rough. I always underestimate how much my mother-in-law exhausts me. We joke she is an "energy vampire" because she always seems to get more energized when we are around and we end up falling asleep at like 6:00 after a day at her house.

Anyway...this is a new week.

Monday Motivation

"Lord, Prepare me for what I am praying for."

I believe I used this earlier this summer, but it is very pressing on my mind. With the adoption "waiting" in full force, I need to work on being prepared to be a parent. It's still really surreal to think of myself as a parent in a real way. For years I have shut down that dream and held it down with everything I have and now....its so much more of a possibility and my brain and my heart are at war with each other.

One is always happy...the other is always cautious. And it switches. It's really a crazy thing. One part of myself is always holding back to try to protect myself. So praying for preparation is probably the only thing that will turn this around.

Planner Spread of the Week

I left Tuesday and Wednesday mostly blank because my bathroom remodel is starting one of those days and I want to mark it, so I will fill that in when I know the plan. Later this week, we are going to Maumee Bay State Park Lodge for a family reunion!

Goals for the Week

* Facebook posts for the weeks of July 8-14, July 15-21 and July 22-28*
* August Blog posts for Travel Tips with Jennie
* Work on Ellie's trick
* Read 2 books
* Finish planning our South Dakota trip
* Plan that shopping trip with Kathy*
* Create a photo book
* Bake and decorate Abby's birthday cake**
* Run a Facebook ad**
* Order Tile**
* Pick up Vanity and Necklace**

You might notice that A LOT of those goals are leftover from last week. They really, really must happen this week.

How did your week go last week? What is your biggest goal of this week?

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