Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Tending Tuesdays: Powersheets Check In

We finished our Home Study! I have the approved home study in my possession and I just feel like dancing!

Ok, but how else did I do?

I made a lot of progress and checked some stuff off the list, but I didn't go great in any other arena.


Carol's landscaping will be done Monday. I am on the contractors schedule. I can't find a newborn first aid class and I'm going to Target with Kathy next week.


I baked twice, kept up with Facebook and my blogs. I did ZERO work on the YouTube channel I want to launch.


I did not do well going dairy free. Crocheting was hit or miss. Reading always happens. And this month, getting up early was rough for this "lark" because I was sleeping poorly.

I would give myself a passing grade for the month...barely passing, but passing.

How did your June end?

Here is a little peek at my July tending list...

I have so many fun things on this list, I think I will do ok. I am most looking forward to taking the newborn care class...which goal are you most looking forward to tackling this month?

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