Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tending Tuesday

Ok. I basically made zero progress. It is actually laughable how little progress I made. I did pretty good at tracking food and did a bit of my 30 day fitness challenge. I stared at my crochet from across the room.

But, I'm going to give myself some grace. And make a plan.

My bathroom remodel starts Tuesday or Wednesday, which means that my life will revolve around daily trips to Lowe's and being here to let my workers in.

Other than that, I need to finish planning the South Dakota Trip, run a Facebook Ad, work on Ellie's training, track food, do my 30 day fitness challenge, crochet and read. Whew. And we are leaving on a trip on Friday.

I can do it though.

Did you struggle with the start of your July? Are you rocking it? Share below!

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