Monday, June 25, 2018

Housewife Life: June 2018 Update

What a month...

It has been a month full of ups and downs, which has left me with a lot of things up in the air. On a recent Happier in Hollywood podcast (episode 58), the hosts were discussing how one of them is a project person who likes to stay busy and I can definitely relate to that tendency.

However, I also feel like I am one complication away from being overwhelmed.

Two weeks ago, my 18 1/2 year old cat suddenly went blind, which led to the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (she has lost 40% of her kidney function) and high blood pressure. That is in addition to her hyperthyroidism that was diagnosed two years ago.

Now, she gets a high blood pressure pill twice a day and a transdermal ear gel twice a day for her hyperthyroidism. She stays under the bed a lot and is not always using the litter box.

We know that our time with her is limited, so we are preparing ourselves to say goodbye.

The day after I rushed a suddenly blind Lexi to the vet, I rushed across town to take Chris to urgent care because he had been having spells of becoming lightheaded and the spell that day scared him. Urgent care assured us it was probably an inner ear situation and advised us to go to our primary care doctor.

We saw her last week and she gave us a course of action and if things don't improve in two weeks, we have to call her back.

Bathroom Remodel
We were moving...we had a contractor and a quote and then when Lexi went blind, we were hesitant to move forward. The bathroom is off of the bedroom where she feels most comfortable. We have put that off a few weeks, but its still lingering over my head.

Being a Housewife
I am doing well!!! But it takes a lot of willpower to keep up the cleaning routine.

I got a job!!!
I don't want to say much more than that right now, but I will be working from home as an independent contractor. I start training soon, as I just sent my paperwork back to the owner of the company.

Even though I have wanted this for a long time, I am still a bit anxious about how to work it into my life. You know how it is...any big life change can be a little anxiety producing.

100 Days to Destin
This has been an amazing challenge for myself. I need to work more on the food aspects of it, but I love walking or going to water aerobics every day.

Are you one complication away from being overwhelmed? Do you like to stay busy or do you need a more calm life? What is something good that happened to you this month? Share in the comments!

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