Friday, June 29, 2018

Instagrams I am Loving: June 2018

I love Instagram. Facebook is too full of weird recipes and videos and memes, but I can sit and watch Insta-stories and scroll Instagram all day if I let myself!

So here are some of my favorites...

1. @livingwithlandyn: I am not into the same stuff that Landyn is. But, her Insta-stories are fun and real...and there are a lot of them and Landyn lives in Nashville, so it is fun to see where she is shopping.

2. @southernatheart: Nikki is another local for me, but I love her because she is another genuine Instagrammer. She is positive and shares the real things she take her kids to school in legit pjs.

3. @msjennafischer: Jenna Fischer, aka Pam from the Office, uses her Insta-stories to complain about working out and then delight in deliveries she gets while she is working out. I totally relate and love that a celebrity hates working out like the rest of us.

What are your favorites? Share below!

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