Thursday, June 28, 2018

Update: Flourish June 2018

June has not been a productive month...but I have moved along on my 18 for 2018 and 36 while I'm 36 lists.

Let's check in...

I am moving along on numbers 1 (write daily), 2 (learn German), 3 (Use a daily gratitude journal), 4 (use a daily one-sentence journal), 7 (daily devotional), 8 (read 60 books), 12 (send updates to friends and family), and 15 (work out 2-3 times per week).

I am blogging more regularly (5. Make a go of my blog).

I am making significant progress on #6 (become a travel agent) and #16 (remodel bathroom).

I have adjusted # 14 (Complete 2 Whole30s) to my 100 Days to Destin challenge.

I have completed #9 (Buy a shed) and #11 (Create my perfect planner).

I am making minimal progress on #10 (Adopt!) and #17 (New bedroom carpeting) and #18 (New kitchen flooring) are on hold until the bathroom is done...but we have the funds reserved for those.

#13 will happen in August...

So, my 18 for 2018 is going well!

As of the end of June 2018, I have completed #1 (Buy a New Purse), #6 (Have Septic Tank Serviced), #8 (Have Dryer Vent Cleaned), #9 (New Living Room Curtains), #15 (Update Dish Rags), #20 (New Mattresses), and #26 (Go to Dermatologist).

Items in Progress #5 (Purge and Organize Entire House), #7 (Meditate Daily), #12 (Take Chris to Visit Owen), #14 (Celebrate and Decorate for Small Holidays), #16 (Be Better at Sending Birthday Cards), #17 (File Monthly), #18 (Wash Car Monthly), #23 (Gallery Wall in Hallway), #24 (Mask Thursdays), #25 (Go to 4 Concerts/Plays and 2 Community Theater Plays), #28 (Text a Friend Every Day), #29 (Maintain Whole30 Lifestyle), #31 (Take More Baths), #32 (Weekly Power Hours), #33 (Organize Recipes), #34 (Digital Declutter) and #36 (Visit Florence 3 times).

It seems my 36 while I'm 36 is going better than I realized!!!

This year and these projects have given me a sense of direction that I have been lacking for a long is really amazing what a list of goals like this can do!

Have you tried 18 for 2018? Do you have a list of goals? Share some below!

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