Monday, April 8, 2019

Motivational Monday: You don't have to be perfect

Perfection is boring.

Also. Nobody is perfect.

Ok, cliches aside...

We all put off life changes until the time is right. I will get married when I have a good job. I will have a baby when my finances are in order. I will get a family photo taken when I lose 10 pounds. We are forever waiting to reach some inner standard of perfection before we think we can reach for our dreams.

But here it is. You are already amazing. The people around you can see it. The world can see just can't see it. No one cares if your hair isn't perfect or if you have 10 pounds to lose. You are amazing...but you aren't perfect.

And to be honest, perfection is boring. One of my favorite lifestyle bloggers shares a lot of her craziness on Instagram and it is the only reason I follow her. I don't particularly love her style and I don't have the finances to travel the way she travels. Her blog is incredibly polished and I don't love the image of perfection that it displays. But I love her recipes and I love her candor on Instagram.

So stop thinking that you have to reach perfection because you are already amazing!

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