Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Going to the Beach: Grocery Shopping Tips

For the first time beach vacationer, the biggest surprise might be that on Saturday and Sunday, the grocery stores resemble the kind of stores that are on the news on Black Friday. There are SO MANY PEOPLE in a grocery store that is foreign to them. Lines are long, aisles are crowded, it is rough.

Over the years we have tried several strategies that have varying levels of success that I want to share with you.

Strategy #1:
Shop immediately.
Unload car as soon as you can possibly check in and go to the grocery store with everyone and give each person a small list broken up by sections.

Pros: You only have to navigate one section of the store. It cuts the time in the store down.
Cons: You bring a lot of people into the store. The person who made the list is needed to answer questions. Impossible to do with children.

Strategy #2:
Wait until after dinner to shop.
Unload the car. Unpack. Settle in. Visit the beach. Have dinner. Then shop.

Pros: The store is much quieter. You get to have some fun before going to the store.
Cons: You probably won't get everything on your list.

Strategy #3:
Bring what you need for the first couple of days with you.
Shop at home in your own grocery store and bring it with you.

Pros: You won't have to go to the grocery store immediately. The stores are less crowded on Monday and Tuesday.
Cons: You will have to haul a lot of food with you which could take up valuable cargo space.

Strategy #4:
Use a grocery pick up or delivery service.
Order online and skip the hassle of going into a store.

Pros: Grocery shopping will take less than 30 minutes. You won't actually have to go into a store.
Cons: This may not be available everywhere. It takes some extra pre-planning.

How do you grocery shop when you go on a beach vacation? Do you cook a lot on a beach vacation? Share below!

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