Monday, August 20, 2018

Motivational Monday: Just Focus on the 24 hours ahead of you

Let me know if you can relate to this.

When I think about a big goal...for example, my biggest goal is to lose weight (a lot of weight)...I get overwhelmed and discouraged because it will take just about forever to reach that goal. Sometimes, I get so discouraged, I set myself back.

This year, when I set up my goals for 18 for 2018, I was able to take those goals and break them down. I had a year to accomplish all of these things.

Even though I didn't include "lose weight", I did include some goals about changing my eating style and adding regular workouts to my week. With those goals, I worked up to achieving them. Every day, when I am looking at these goals in my planner, I focus just on what I can do that day. I can walk or go to the gym. I can avoid foods that make me feel droopy. I can get through the day. And tomorrow is another day. I can focus on tomorrow when tomorrow arrives.

We are just about 2/3s of the way through the year and I never imagined I could have gotten to where I am today when I started this project. By focusing on each day as it comes, I am making great strides in my life and you can too!

Are you working toward a goal? Or are you paralyzed by what it takes to accomplish those goals? Share below, let's chat!

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