Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Kitchen Tip: Try a Power Hour

The list never ends. I know. There is always something to do in the kitchen. Unload the dishwasher. Put away the dishes. Clean the fridge. Sweep. Mop. Dust. Prep fruits and veggies. The list seems to grow every minute.

Here is something I do to keep my kitchen under control. I schedule a power hour. A power hour is an uninterrupted sixty minutes where you turn on music or podcasts or an audio book and just get the work done. You set a timer and at the end of the hour, you are done.

Why does this work? You make it like a game and challenge yourself to get your entire list done. Sometimes you can even get bonus items done. At the end of the hour, you treat yourself to your beverage of choice and a few minutes scrolling through Instagram or your social media of choice.

Thank you to Gretchen Rubin and YouTube's StyleMomXO for the idea to add the Power Hour to my routine!

Have you tried a Power Hour? Did you like it?  Comment Below!

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