Monday, August 27, 2018

Motivational Monday: There is Good in Every Day

I get it. There are days that just are not good. In fact, they kind of blow.

But those kind of days are the days that make every other day seem just a little bit better...and they tend to make for the best stories...

Can you remember a bad day from a while ago?

Here is one of mine...

I was pretty new to my job and I had this big big day. I was the person that organized the conference spaces we rented out and we had rented them all out. Every last one. We had about 250 extra people in our building with all kinds of catering orders.

I woke up with a migraine, but took some of my expensive medicine and thought "If I can make it past lunch, I can probably either squeeze in a nap during my lunch break or I can go home". Let me just spoil this story now and say there was no lunch break and I worked about ten hours instead of the six or seven I had scheduled.

So, we started the day. And everything that could go wrong did and everything that could get complicated did.

Our receptionist was amazing at triage with my clients, but most things she couldn't handle for them and she would send me. At one point that day, she had a list so long that she called my boss to jump in and then my boss had to call another one of her employees in.

We kind of collided in the hall at one point working on the same problem and then just worked as a team from that point forward.

I remember getting called to reception because one of the groups needed a space for a makeup artist. It was a group of accountants. I was sure I was being Punk'd.

By the end of the day, all three of us were slouched in the lobby chairs (that had been pushed aside for an unscheduled photo shoot), utterly exhausted, my head still throbbing and we all started laughing. It had been such a bad day that it moved on to ridiculous.

When I look back at that day, I remember the end of it. Because even though the nine hours that led up to that moment blew, that moment made up for it and still does.

Just because a day is bad, doesn't mean there isn't something good in that day. You may have to really look hard for that something good, but it is there...I promise.

Tell me about one of your bad days! What was the good in that day?

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