Thursday, August 2, 2018

Housewife Life: We're remodeling...

I thrive on order. I like to plan. I like my house to stay tidy. I like quiet. I like my alone time. I like my routine.

That being said, while I need things to be orderly, I am more laid-back than the first paragraph would suggest. For me, planning is a way to handle the little things life throws at you. I have established a routine that makes it possible for me to be ready for anything at the drop of a hat. 

For example, in February, when my grandmother became ill, I was able to pack suitcases and leave for 10 days without worrying that I had left a dirty house, a mountain of laundry and unpaid bills. To make things even more complicated, my husband remained home and had to pack a suitcase to follow me up to Cincinnati and continue on a business trip from Cincinnati.

So, while I love order, I remain flexible.

In just a few weeks, we embark on our biennial beach trip, which kicks off three weeks of traveling for me. I will have a few pit stops at home along the way, but I won't have much time between trips to do much more than laundry and making sure things are in working order here and at my mother-in-laws.

To make my life even more complicated, stressful and decision fatigued, I just signed with a contractor to remodel one of our master bathrooms.

So, to follow along with me and my craziness, follow me on Instagram at @adventureswithjennie to see my choices, the progress and check on my sanity.

Have you ever remodeled a bathroom? Do you have any tips for me? Share in the comments below.

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