Monday, August 6, 2018

Motivational Monday: Celebrate Every Tiny Victory

Four years ago, I accomplished something I never thought I could. I climbed to the top of a lighthouse.

There were two things I had to conquer to do that. First, I am not what you would call "fit". The climb was difficult for me physically. Second, I'm actually terrified of climbing heights. Heights don't bother me. Give me an elevator to the top of a 100 story building...I would love that. Its the actual climbing because, well, I'm kind of klutzy. Stairs freak me out.

So as I was climbing to the top of that lighthouse, there was a landing every 13 steps.

And I hugged the wall at every landing because I was safe for a minute.

But I also celebrated.

I was 13 steps closer to the top, so I looked down to see the spiral I had climbed. I looked out the window to see how far off the ground I was. Then I took a deep breath and kept going.

This year, I have come to view that climb as a metaphor for life. Every landing is a victory. Even though the ultimate goal is several landings away, you have to take the time to celebrate every victory along the matter how small.

Are you working toward a big goal in your life? Are you taking the time to celebrate every victory? Share below!

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