Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Fun Products to Enhance Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Let's be honest...planning and anticipating a Walt Disney World vacation is probably at least 33% of the fun of the trip.

There is a running joke in the WDW planning community that after you book your FastPasses (30-60 days before your trip), you are basically out of a job.

So what can you do to keep yourself from going stir crazy counting down the days until you arrive back at "home"?

Shop of course!

There are a few products that can make your trip just a touch more special and I want to share some of my favorites with you!

1. Custom Minnie ears!
I just purchased my first pair of custom Minnie ears from Mila Mouse Ears. Now, this purchase can take some planning. A lot of the "ear" shops have limited shop openings because the demand is high. So, my tip is to follow them on Instagram and put the shop openings in your calendar and have your credit card in your hand before the shop opens...the ears go fast!

2. Magic Band Decals!
Magic Bands are an accessory that almost everyone in the parks will be wearing and you can accessorize them with decals, buttons and more. I like the decals because once they are on, they are no fuss! My favorite shop is My Fantasy Bands. I like her style and she is from Nashville.

3. Buttons!
Buttons are a fantastic way to show your unique Disney style and one of my favorite shops is Sweet Cozy Cafe.

4. Coffee Cozys!
Another fun way to show your unique Disney style and again, one of my favorite shops is Sweet Cozy Cafe.

5. BitBelts!
Not quite as fun...but really practical! BitBelts help to secure your Magic Band as you are gallivanting around the park. They come in all the Magic Band colors, plus glow in the dark and camo.

What are your favorite products to enhance your Walt Disney World Vacation?

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