Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What's in my Disney Carry-On

There are so many things that people put in their carry on bags when they fly. For me, it depends on the trip. I always bring my makeup, Kindle and chargers...but the rest of my bag is very tailored to the destination.

Here what I am bringing in my bag for Walt Disney World. It's just a short flight, so we don't need a lot of snacks or entertainment options, but I wanted to carry on some of the special things I bought for the trip, like my ears.

 First up, is the Disney related stuff.

We are going to Disney After Hours on our arrival day and I wanted to make sure we had shirts to change into for the event, so I packed our Mickey and Minnie shirts.

I also have our Magic Bands and Magical Express information, some Disney Lipsmackers, my Minnie ears and fun buttons, as well as quarters and pennies for the penny press machines.

Next up is my make up and healthcare. I have my quart sized bag with makeup, perfume, eye drops, a tide pen, contacts and a mask I plan to do on the plane. 

In the floral bag, is my makeup brushes, blush and eyeshadow. I also have Exedrin migraine, tape I use to tape my feet, mints, flossers and medicine (unpictured).

Third, I have my cold weather gear...which seems weird to say about going to Disney World, but the weather on our arrival day will be chilly in the evening, so I needed a sweater, a tank top for under my T-shirt, gloves and a light scarf.

Lastly, I have my tech gear. I have my handheld tripod, headphones, travel phone case and my Kindle (unpictured).

I also will tuck my phone and wallet in the bag.

The bag I like to use for air travel is my Travelon Underseater wheeled bag. It fits under the seat in front of you on most airlines.

What do you like to carry on for your Disney World trip?

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