Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Recipe Review: Stuffed Pepper Soup

I tested Stuffed Pepper Soup...spoiler alert...we loved it!

My husband has some favorite recipes that his mom always made...and I have never been able to conquer's not as difficult as the infamous "Jennie can't make her mom's potato salad" conundrum, but it's still an issue.

One of his favorites is stuffed peppers. So when I found this much, much easier version from Real Food with Jessica...that was paleo and Whole30 friendly...I knew I had to try it.

And I knew that I would love it and my husband would hate it.

The recipe is really straightforward, you just sub in riced cauliflower for the traditional rice and serve the soup over the cauliflower.

Delicious. Absolutely delicious...and my husband agreed!!!!

So if you want an easier, Whole30 version of a family favorite...visit Real Food with Jessica and TRY THIS SOUP!

Let me know if you try it too!

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